2012, Angela Lohri und Susanne Rell, Visualisation of Musical Intervals: Patterns, Fractals and Coincidences, in Symmetry: Art and Science, Budapest. -> download
- Interaktive visuelle Darstellung von Intervallen ->

2012, Susanne Rell, Perception Phenomena and Science as Inspiration Sources: Some Works out of my Visual Series „Variations on a Theme“,
in Symmetry: Art and Science, Budapest.

2012, Susanne Rell, Neugier auf Formen, in Harmonologia, Wien.

2012, Susanne Rell, Colors and Shapes to Arvo Pärts Music, Seven Paintings out of the Series “Variations on a Theme” by Susanne Rell, in Galeyev’s Readings, Prometée - 2012, Kazan 6. - 8. April 2012, 168-172 (Russisch), 420-424 (Englisch).



Kooperationspartner: Internationales Harmonik Zentrum (IHZ)